Indigo Beck

Indigo Beck is an innovative electronic bass music producer living in Portland, OR. He comes from a classical and jazz background, which gives his sound a fullness and sophistication. His music explores the relationship of the mechanic and organic and dives deep into worlds of darkness and unseen realms. He has releases on labels such as Rauthentic, Phuture Collective, and STYLSS, and is playing Emissions West Coast Bass Festival this year. If you get a chance to see him play ~ DO IT ~ he slays on the decks. Don't sleep on Indigo Beck! 

When was the moment you knew you were an artist?
I spent a lot of my time playing other people’s music in high school and eventually wanted to try my own at composing music that other people could play. I was in love with the idea of being a composer and building these stories told through music - expressed through live musicians. Eventually I moved more into the electronic side of things and started experimenting more and more with my sound.

What keeps you creating? Biggest motivation?
Stagnancy. I always want to be pushing myself to create something new.

I would say stagnancy is a motivator for me too. Our time on this strange planet is limited so we have to make as much as we can! On that note, what are a few of your biggest goals for the next 5 years? Where do you see yourself taking your music?
Playing more shows, getting more of a fanbase on spotify, and being a part of festival season. I definitely want to keep innovating and focus more on concise, thought out albums.


What are you making right now that most excites you?
I’m currently working on my debut album! It’s an amalgamation of all my different musical interests and vibes - collected into one story told through four songs.

If you could explain your music texturally, what would it be? How would it taste / smell / feel?
My music is the manifestation of life in machinery. When I make songs, I think of these huge towering abandoned factories coming to life, almost possessed. It is gritty, swampy, and absolutely dark in all ways imaginable. I’ve always found that funny because if you know me, you know i’m like the opposite of dark in my personality.

That is true ~ you are much more a palette of pastels than dark! Ha ha. Tons of respect for the darkness though ~ you know we are both creatures of the night. Speaking of creatures of the night, if you could collaborate with one artist -  dead or alive - who would it be?
I would’ve loved to work with John Cage. I feel like recording him playing his weird instruments in complete disorder would make for incredible source material. His outlook on music and “what makes music music” has always intrigued me and I would absolutely love to pick his brain on that subject.


John Cage is dope. Definitely a pioneer of sound. How do you get in the zone creatively?
I honestly just have creative moments and take ahold of them when they come naturally. I guess luckily for me they seem to have been coming very frequently so I haven’t had to force it in a while. But whenever I find myself in a writers block, I go on a short walk listening to some jazz and try to “reset” my brain.

What's your spirit totem?
The Raven - I bring shadows into the light musically - and I also convey mystery in my songs. I am comfortable in the darkness and follow my own voice no matter the criticism.

That is also my totem! Ravens unite! I know fashion is a big one, but do you have any other passions besides music?
I love being active and getting outside! Anything related to that including biking and long boarding have been passions of mine for years. I also have a huge love for visual art is all forms, mostly fine art like painting and visual distorted art.


What should someone listen to if they've never heard your music and want a sample?
My song "Questioning Boundaries" is my usual go to for showing new people my music. It is pure randomness combined into a short span of time which is perfect for a first introduction.

Give me ur plugs! When are you playing? Any new releases?
I’m playing Emissions Festival this year and then helping out on two tours later this summer as well as a possible east coast tour date ;)