Noer the Boy

Noer the Boy is a cutting edge bass music producer whose sound is experimental and industrial. He has released music on Liquid Amber, Courteous Family, Saturate Records, Daruma, Study Group and Camp Wild Records. Originally from Wisconsin, he now lives in Portland, OR where he is constantly on the hustle of making new music. The first time I saw him play, he opened for DJ Shadow and his unique sound was hard to forget. I am looking forward to seeing what this super creative human comes out with in the next few months. It looks like he has a lot planned so stay tuned! 


When was the moment you knew you were an artist?
Ever since I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with creating things. Whether it be music, videos, stories or drawings, I have always put an emphasis on art. An early moment that really stands out for me was recording a song onto my cassette deck for a science project in 4th grade. Not too long after that I was recording music in some form or another. I remember getting my first DAW from Circuit City (shoutout Magix Music Maker 10 Deluxe) and making a ton of terrible techno music.


What keeps you creating? Biggest motivation?
If I’m not creating I feel pretty useless and unproductive. It’s an addiction. Not knowing what I’ll come up with next is one of the biggest thrills of making music, it feeds right into my quest for new sounds.



What are a few of your biggest goals for the next 5 years? Where do you see yourself taking your music?
In terms of five years from now, one of my goals/dreams is to one day release something on Warp Records. They are the OGs of experimental electronic music, I respect them so much. Another goal tour is to Europe and Asia at some point and spread my music to so many people who’ve never heard it before. Other than that, I’m going to keep plugging away at evolving my sound and try to learn as much as I can.


That's what's up! Keep plugging away. Speaking of, what are you making right now that most excites you?
I’m sitting on the best music I’ve written so far, that’s about all I can say officially at this time. Just wait until later this summer!



If you could explain your music texturally, what would it be? How would it taste / smell / feel?
I like to think of my music making process as sculpting, so texturally I see it as an amorphous sculpture that isn’t bound to the normal properties that physical sculptures are. My music would probably not feel that smooth to the touch, it would be some sort of a coarse viscous not-hard but not entirely liquid semi state.


If you could collaborate with one artist -  dead or alive - who would it be?
I’ll have to go with one of my biggest musical inspirations, Mr. Oizo. His Moustache (Half a Scissor) record is my favorite album ever. Collaborating with him on an audio/visual project would be the dream.



How do you get in the zone creatively?
My most productive musical sessions usually occur before noon. So for me, it’s waking up feeling fresh and having a tasty breakfast, followed by a short walk (or some outside activity) and then hitting the studio. I’m not a night owl, so being well-rested both physically and mentally is key to getting the creativity flowing. And honestly, I’m super hit or miss when it comes to getting music made. There are streaks where I’ll make three or four amazing tracks in a week and then there’s times where I’ll go weeks without making something that excites me. So it’s really about capitalizing on those times when everything’s clicking.


Totally understand those feels. The flow can come in waves for sure. What should someone listen to if they've never heard your music and want a sample?
I would say anything I’ve released on Liquid Amber. I’m most proud of what I’ve released there and think that’s as good of a place as anywhere to make the dive into my world.



You’ve been working with DJ Shadow the past few years, how does it feel to work with such a legend / someone who’s been making music since you were young?
It’s surreal. Growing up, DJ Shadow was one of the first “electronic” artists I discovered. Anyone in this realm who knows their stuff knows how much Shadow has pushed instrumental beat music. Most people working in the music industry understand how it’s such a cold and callous place, so I’m so thankful to have Liquid Amber as a musical home.


Dope! DJ Shadow has definitely been a staple of my music library for a long time. Props to you! Your sound is very unique, how do you balance keeping your sound genuine with keeping a crowd entertained?
I think the answer to this is frankly having good taste.


That's what's up. Your taste is definitely fire. Speaking of taste, are there any musicians on the come up right now that you are impressed by who you think everyone should know about?
Indigo Beck, Zero Tep, Kai Whiston...the list goes on and on, there are so many dope artists on the come up.


Give me plugs! When are you playing? Any new releases?
There’s not a lot I can officially say right now. I can say I’m playing SubOctave Music Festival in Minnesota later in July. Over the next few weeks there should be some show announcements. Oh, and stay tuned for this summer...I have a lot of music coming out. It’s the best music I’ve made yet!